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  • Steve has been my attorney for many years. Recently, I have had to rely on his services for a real estate issue with my builder and the city in which I live. Of the many issues, contracts or interactions we have had over the past 10 years it has always been an excellent experience. Frankly, Steve is personable, professional, has a great understand Law and how it best applies to the situation. I am comfortable working with him and consider him to be the best attorney I have worked with in both my personal and professional career.

    - Jim

  • Steve has worked with me on a number of projects for over twenty years. I have the utmost trust in his abilities and his interpretation of each situation he has been engaged in. Having an experience legal mind with the ability to navigate the legal process, understand the cost analysis versus the likely outcome of complicated cases has been extremely helpful. He has saved us time and money, so I highly recommend his services in the areas in which he practices!

    - Jeffery

  • I have utilized Steve's services for a number of legal matter, both business and personal and I think he did a terrific job in every matter where I retained his services. I intend on using him again in the very near future on another matter that may require litigation.

    - James

  • I have known & worked with Steve Kyriazes for over 20 years, and I am extremely comfortable in recommending his services. He is diligent, professional and has a high level of diversified experience that would benefit many.

    - Rory

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