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Arlington Heights Attorney for Business Compliance

Arlington Heights Business Compliance Attorney

Lawyer For Business Compliance in Palatine, Schaumburg, and Mt. Prospect

Remaining compliant with the voluminous federal and state business regulations and guidelines can be challenging, particularly if you have not had your business reviewed for compliance by an attorney recently. The importance of a preemptive legal evaluation of your business's potential oversights and liabilities cannot be understated. Proactively assessing your many compliance vulnerabilities is critical to a growing business that may be susceptible to violations and audits and their potential costs.

Fortunately, Steven C. Kyriazes, P.C. has the experience of serving as acting counsel for businesses from engineering companies and IT providers, to recycling and manufacturing businesses, to logistical companies and temporary staffing agencies.

Illinois Wage Payment & Collection Act (WPCA)

The Illinois WPCA impacts every private employer in the state. Some key provisions include:

  • Minimum wages and pay frequency: All employees must receive at least a prescribed minimum wage and be paid based on a written pay schedule. Employees who are terminated or resign must receive all remaining pay and accrued vacation pay during the next scheduled pay interval.
  • Payroll statement disclosure and clarity: All deductions must be clearly itemized from employee pay and be allowed under law. This applies to taxes, health insurance, child support etc.
  • Documented "time-off" policies: It is advisable for Employers choosing to offer vacation time and sick days to outline the details in writing.

City and County Minimum Wage Laws

Minimum wage has been a major topic in Chicago, Cook County and surrounding counties in addition to the state level. Chicago and Cook County recently passed ordinances raising the minimum wage, although the county law does allow local home-rule communities to opt-out. Awareness and compliance with state, county and local minimum wage provisions are substantive matters in which Steven C. Kyriazes, P.C. can provide valuable counsel to your business.

Business compliance attorney Steven C. Kyriazes is prepared to assist you and provide training to your management and staff employees on all key business compliance concerns, including:

  • American's With Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Illinois Human Rights Act
  • Title VII Civil Rights Act
  • Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

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For nearly 40 years, clients of Steven C. Kyriazes, P.C. have obtained superb legal guidance based on the individual concerns that their businesses need addressed. To protect and ensure your organization remains compliant, contact our office today for a consultation by calling 847-788-1500.

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